Some Of My Favorite Organizing Things


Organizing gadgets come in all forms, sizes and shapes. And over the years I’ve been pinning my favorite organizing gadget things in my Stylish Home Organization Pinterest Board.

Here are some of my picks of the smart solutions I love on that Board that always give me ideas and inspiration:

For Home Office – Managing Paper

officeo rganization

wall file holders

box storage solutions

cabinet storage solutions

For Kitchen Organization

storage containers

cabinet spacesavers

small appliance pullout shelves

kitchen pan organizer

fridge organizer bins

storage baskets for pantry

command central

For All Those Other Places

supply cabinet organizers

over chair paper pockets

drawer organizer dividers

storage drawers for cabinets

gift wrap ribbon holder wirehanger

wire baskets organizing solutions

Ikea Grundtal Systems

file pockets forcabinet doors


junk drawer organizers


wall shelf cubbies



  1. Pasha

    i fake being organized all the time too, & I really want to be organized, with all my heart too, but TIME, not enough time and then I look back & see how what I just cleaned & organized is a mess again ohhhh, i admire people who are organized by nature.

  2. Melanie

    Where did you get the ribbon organizer?

  3. The Organizing Lady

    One is made using a pant / skirt hanger and the other is just a pocket organizer – both you can get at any dept. store.

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