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Organizing Stuff Video Series #1

The Organizing Lady Cyndi Seidler presents a few tips in a light-hearted way regarding some of the basics of organizing your stuff. This isn’t for a mature audience. Strong language is used a few times. And no dogs were harmed in the making of this video either.


12 Observations To Find Out If You’ve Taken Clutter Too Far

Usually when someone calls me for help with their home or office organization issues it’s at the disaster point and beyond . However sometimes, the disorganization situation just needs a few simple tweaks here and there, like a closet that’s gone out of control.

At the point of no-visual return is the time that baffles me the most. Because, when it gets real bad a person has to wonder how anyone in that space survived this long, and if they even realized it’s probably been bad for more than a day, or even a week.

So, I came to realize that there is a degree of observation failure and, for this, you may want to look around again as if you’ve never set foot in your place before.

To know when your “untidy mess” becomes serious clutter, here are some sure signs your obnosis (observing the obvious) needs to be re-obnosed.

You know your clutter is bad when …

1. You can’t find a place to sit

sofa clutter

Image source: Flickr

When you want to sit down to relax somewhere, you either have a hard time finding a chair or your couch clutter prevents you from sitting on it, and then you end up spending your relaxing time clearing off a place for you to sit down on.

2. You have to find new entry points to your house

doorway clutter

Image source -woronuik-wordpress

You may find that you are having to enter from your back door because your front door has stuff jammed in front of it blocking entry (and exit). So far you probably didn’t mind such an inconvenience, but the fact that it’s an inconvenience is a clue something is wrong.

3. You can’t find your bills

paper clutter

Image source

You know that your bills are either in the stack on the table, or under the pile of magazines on your sofa, or among the kitchen counter-clutter, or in the bedroom on the dresser with other papers, or maybe even the bathroom … somewhere, anywhere that you last had them in your hands. And, if you’re not set up with automatic bill payments, then you may have experienced a service (or two) getting shut off.

4. You’ve run out of clothes to wear

clothes clutter

Image source:

This is most likely due to the fact that you can’t distinguish your clean clothes from the ones that need to be laundered (since they probably got mixed up, or you forgot which pile of clothing was what). And, many of your clothes that were removed from your closet are now in piles around the room, leaving only the ones you don’t like (or can’t wear anymore) hanging up in the closet.

5. You never get to finish a book


Image source: Linkedin

Starting to read a book is easy, but when it comes to finding that book again to finish reading later, it seems to be missing. And, as you look everywhere for it in hopes of finding it, you find something else to do that distracts you from wanting to read in the first place.

6. You can’t cook in your kitchen anymore

kitchen clutter

Image source: flickr

Unless you’re affluent enough to dine out every day, cooking up a meal for yourself may be necessary. And when it’s necessary but you can’t cook among the kitchen mess, or can’t even walk around your kitchen anymore, it becomes a situation.

7. You keep buying stuff you already have


Image source found on -indiewire

That’s right, you’ve come home from the grocery store with food you already have but didn’t know it because it was hidden in cluttered cabinets. The thing is, you probably wouldn’t even know you already have it since it’s hidden, so it’s not been such a big deal. You’ll eventually find it someday, but it’s too late – you don’t need it right then.

8. You can’t sleep in your bed

clothes clutter

You can’t sleep in your bed anymore because clutter is now resting on your bed.

9. Your kids have taken over

kid clutter

Image source:

Toys are everywhere and there’s no end in sight since the kids claimed the space and are now able to enjoy it with all their toys around it.

10. Your clutter has a critter infestation


You find hoards of nasty bug critters lurking within the mounds of food-clutter who found the remnants of your food as tasty as you once did. Or worse, you find remnants of animal feces among your clutter, which clearly indicates that your clutter critters were there and probably still around somewhere.

11. You’ve been injured by clutter

clutter injury

When you’ve had one or more visits to the hospital emergency ward due to clutter injuries (resulting from either fallen clutter or falling over clutter), it is a sure sign that your clutter is a problem. Don’t wait until someone has to come find you under a debris of stuff (like one man did whose hoarder wife was missing for a couple days. True story.).

And lastly …

12. You can’t park your car in the garage

garage clutter

Image source: Evista Bulevard

…because there’s too much stuff in it. But, you knew that.



15 Ways People Give New Meaning To Clutter

Clutter can be said to be in the eyes of the beholder. Some person’s “organized” paper pile mounds might another person’s view of clutter. Another person’s treasured collection of stuff over-powering a room might be another person’s vision of ugly.

The question remains – is it clutter or is it some sort of functional disorder? Or maybe even a work of art … Whatever it is, it’s someone’s organized clutter.

And, as I said, it’s all in the eyes of the beholder …

Clutter Re-envisoned

1. The Decorated Junk Car


2. Re-purposed Car Art


3. The Clutter Heap Transporter


4. Car Stuff


5. The Garage-Seller


6. The Photo Wall


7. The Post-it View Wall


8. The Clutter-view Selfie


9. The Pet Toy-Clutter


10. Bohemian Clutter


11. The Holiday House


12. The Curb-side Junk Decor


13. The Junk Cathedral

This is a real “Cathedral of Junk” (in Austin, TX) … for real. Really.


 14. Wall Art Clutter

wall art clutter

And I just couldn’t finish off this article without showing you these …

15. The Clutter Art Exhibits

















10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Getting Organized

It seemed inevitable that someday I’d have to inform you about some of the pitfalls of getting organized. Even some doctors will eventually reveal how to stay healthy so you don’t get sick and have to call on them for help.

This type of information puts many types of professionals out of business, but it does become an ethical duty to inform. So, in view of my ethical duty, I wanted to share my observations and findings with you.

What Professional Organizers May Not Tell You

The top ten pitfalls of “When you are organized ….

1. Your family and friends may visit more often and stay longer.

Now that your place is nice and organized, you’ll notice that people stay longer when they come to visit. They might even like your place so much that they want to throw special event parties at your house. That could mean you’ll end up planning more gatherings at your house instead of planning more to-do lists.


Movie scene from Because I Said So

2. You will find things faster and end up saving time.

And we all know that saving time means that all the time you used to spend wasting it gives you more hours in the day. Then you’re faced with figuring out what to do with all that extra time you end up with (since you’re no longer searching for stuff). It might mean that you have more time for the kids or spouse, so you should know about this phenomena.


Movie scene from Adele Dazee

3. Your surplus of food in the cabinets will be diminished.

All that food once hidden in your cupboards will now be found more easily and you won’t end up buying more of something you already have. This could mean fewer trips to the grocery store, or even less food than you’re normally used to keeping around. And it could mean trying to cook up all the surplus of food you had lying around before it actually goes bad.


Movie scene from Cool Hand Luke

4. You’ll have less clothing.

That’s right. After you go through your clothes and get rid of ones you don’t like or don’t / can’t wear anymore, you won’t have the abundance you once had. But don’t worry – your closet will begin to look like it has space in it for more clothing. This should give you the satisfaction that you are now able to buy more if you continue to use the “Buy one, get rid of one” clothing rule.


Movie scene from Bridesmaids

5. You’ll end up in control.

Being more in control of your life has its plus points and minus points. One plus is that you can have more predictability in things around you. A minus is that you won’t get eaten up with issues that arise due to lack of control.


Movie scene from Jurassic World

6. You will no longer have your usual excuses.

All those usual excuses you’ve had for lateness or forgotten appointments because you didn’t write it down are obsolete once you’re organized and you’ll need to invent or have other reasons. Others will expect more of you and the days when people used to rely on the fact you would be late or not show up at all are gone.

Those expectations got you off the hook on numerous occasions, but not once you’re organized. They will probably count on you to be there when you say you’ll be there.


Movie scene from Her

7. You will accomplish more than you bargained for.

As if you didn’t feel you were busy enough throughout your day, now you’ll end up doing more since you’re getting more things actually done out of all that busy-ness. That’s because you’ll be dealing with being more efficient which leads to being more productive and doing more than you were before.

Procrastination may still exist in your life, but not to the extent it used to be. Those lists you’ve been used to staying stagnant will start to have things crossed off, giving the appearance that you’re getting things done you once had good intentions of getting done.


Movie scene from Be Cool

8. Your plans may go off without a hitch.

Surprise hitches often come about because you were not prepared, and these type of surprises become less frequent in numbers when you’re organized. This goes for in-expected guests who were actually expected.


Movie scene from Eating Raoul

9. You could end up spending less money.

Those days of fruitless spending on things you already have may end up being more fruitful because you’re not wasting money on fruitless things. What I mean is, you’ll save money by not spending it on things you couldn’t find before, like another ream of paper, or more pens, or cleaning supplies, etc., things like that.


Movie scene from The Office

10. Your lowered stress level changes your sleep habits.

Being stressed over disorganization and disorder is now a thing of the past and you could find yourself over-sleeping.


Well, that’s about it. Or, at least all I could think of at the moment. I’d love to hear more from you of any pitfalls I missed. It helps other readers and may shed more light on what it’s really like to be organized.

25 Creative Ways To Turn Old Junk Into New Junk

While I was writing the article on “30 Things To Remove In Your Home Sparing No Mercy” I found some cool things people have done to re-purpose old stuff (aka junk ), of which I had recommended tossing.

Although I still hold to my advice to toss old stuff, I felt obligated to also show you some of the clever and creative things people have done with old stuff instead.

And in the spirit of being creative, I named these re-purposed marvels. So here are some …

Creative Ideas for Old Junk

1. Turn old shoes into a SuccuShoe Planter


2. Repurpose an old Mac computer into a MacCat Bed

old mac with cat

3. Display an old Mac computer as a MacMail box


4. Make an old dresser an Island o’Dresser


5. Use an old clamp as a BookClamp


6. File a drawer from an old file cabinet as a Bookshelf File Table


7. Transform old luggage into a Traveler Table


8. Transform old luggage into a Cat Traveler Bed


9. Turn mis-matched plates into a No-Match Desert Server


10. Serve up old record LPs as a Rock-tiered Desert Server


11. Turn an old tea cup into a Teatime Bird Feeder


12. Use old doors as a SpaceDoor Paneled Partition


13. Turn an old barstool upside down into a Giftwrap Stool


14. Put old chairs in place as Dog Chair Servers


15. Spin a bike tire into a Photo Bike Wheel


16. Spin a globe into a Photo Globe Trotter


17. Implant your headboard in your plant bed as a Headboard Trellis


18. Hang old bottle caps as BottleCap Charmer Chimes


19. Utilize old cookie cans as a Desktop CookieCaddy


20. Step up old stairs into a StairWay Wall Decor


21. Turn an old serving bowl into a tabletop Serenity WaterBowl Fountain


22. Toot your old trumpet as a Trumped Up Bird Bath


23. Sit on your stack of old magazines as a MagChair


24. Sweep that old broom into a Paint BroomBrush Holder


25. Use an old toolbox for a Tooltime Planter


Bonus item:

If you have old barrels lying around and you happen to be a drummer, there’s always this Barrel Drum:


The junk creations I found were endless. I hope you’ll comment on anything to add to these ideas!

[Source: Above ideas from Pinterest]






30 Things To Remove In Your Home Sparing No Mercy

Let’s face it, there’s a time for everything to come into our life and a time for everything to go out of our life. It’s the cycle of stuff, so feel free to spare no mercy.

1. Old herbs and spices

(which actually has a shelf-life that’s been kept a big secret since very few people seen to know)

old herbs and spices

The thing here is, herbs and spices expire. The good part is, they actually last a long time, like 1-2 years. The bad part is, you’ve had these a very long time, most likely. And although these don’t spoil, they do lose their flavor and strength. So if you’re going to the trouble to give a gourmet touch to your food, this won’t be the way to do it.

2. Expired fridge food

(that got lost and forgotten behind other and newer food because you can’t see it anymore)


Depending on the food item, you’re looking at anywhere from a few days to a week, excluding condiments (which also expire, but not so fast). The shelf life of fridge food at has guidelines you can check out if you want to be armed with information about the life of what you’re eating from your fridge. I’m sure some of you don’t want to know however, so you can skip this point.

3. Expired cupboard food

(that got lost and forgotten behind all the newer stuff shoved in there)

expired cupboard food

I think you’ve all known this but I’ll say it anyway – packaged food doesn’t live forever. FoxNews covered this topic on when does food go bad and you can hear for yourself (or not).

4. Old vitamins and medications

(which you don’t take anyway or they probably wouldn’t be old)

expired vitamins

They say you can judge your age by how much dust is on your vitamin bottle caps. Now, you won’t find expiration dates on these bottles because the FDA doesn’t make them do that. But they do lose their potency, so what would be the point in taking them (which you’re not anyway).

5. Old cleaning supplies

(that you obviously don’t use to clean with or they wouldn’t be old)


According to Good, ” Keeping cleaners beyond their recommended shelf lives can cause them to lose some efficacy while degrading plastic containers can alter their formulas.” In their article you’ll find how long to keep these type of products around, which range anywhere from 6 months to a little over a year or two.

My guess is, some of you don’t even remember buying the product, or that you now have hardwood floors instead of carpet and don’t need carpet cleaner anymore, and so forth.

6. Old makeup

(which is old after it expires, but no one told you that. Or told you that expired makeup is bad for your skin and eyes)


The problem is, makeup can do some damage to your face when it expires and all those nasty bacteria thingys start formulating in the product. It manifests on your skin with irritations and bumps, which totally defeats the purpose of trying to make ourselves look better!

7. Ugly unworn clothing

(which you’ll never ever wear again and not sure what you were thinking when you bought it – other than it was probably on sale.)


There is no scientific fact I can provide you with here. It’s just plain common law – if it’s ugly, don’t wear it and if you’re not wearing it, don’t keep it. Kappish?

8. Clothing that doesn’t fit

(which you’ve been saving for the day you loose enough weight to fit in them again, even though it will no longer be in fashion most likely)

clothing that doesn't fit

Be real is all I can say. And when you do lose the weight, you don’t want old clothing anyway since you’ll be celebrating in the small size section of the retail store.

9. Single socks

(that lost its mate while being sucked into the dryer’s black hole. Sad)

single socks

It’s such a tragedy but this sort of thing happens to most all of us at one time or another. And for some, it happens with each wash cycle, and my heart goes out to them. Take them out of the drawer and give them final burial please.

10. Disgusting worn out shoes

(that you just forgot to be thrown away, right?)

worn out shoes

But you can always turn them into a nifty shoe planter:


11. Accounting records dating back to the 1900’s

(which you kept just in case you wanted to refer to it someday, I’m sure)

old papers

That’s right, we’re in the 2000’s now, in the year 2015 to be exact. Boomers, it’s time to let go! The general rule is to keep tax related papers seven years (according to, so you can safely move supporting tax return papers earlier than 2005 into the trash can. The “keep forever” retention rule applies to your actual tax return documents, so don’t be tossing those, okay?

12. Junk mail

(that you’ve kept in case there was something important in them. Face it, there never is)


Essentially, all you’ll find in the junk mail you’ve been keeping around is expired shit. Period.

13. Expired coupons

(which you saved to save money, of course)

expired coupons

Why? Don’t answer, just toss.

14. Old celebrity gossip magazine issues

(which is out-dated every week when celebrities change partners)

celebrity gossip magazines

That’s right, the last issue of People magazine is old news this week. Drop it off at your nearest hair salon.

15. Wire hangers

(that went out in the day “Mommy Dearest” entered our TV screens)

mommy dearest on wire hangers

Personally, I was terrified to ever use wire hangers again after seeing this movie. But the fact is, I see her point. This clothing invention that is supposed to hang clothes in your closet causes more anxiety and messy closets than any invention I’ve ever come across. I’m sure a lot of you can relate with trying to pull one of those out of your closet, am I right?

16. Broken stuff

(that you had perfect intentions to fix on the “some day” which has never come yet and never will)


Another fact you need to face is that, if you didn’t fix it within a day or so after it broke, you probably won’t be doing so in your busy near future.

17. Antique technology

(that became antique when a newer model came on the market soon after you bought it)

old-mac computer

But then again, people are getting creative with their old macs, since they can’t seem to get rid of them:


18. Electronic adapter cords

(which no longer go with anything that you know of)


Pictured above is a drawer of adapter cords. But there are probably more than a drawer-full of adapters you’ve kept around which belong to devices you no longer have – and don’t even know it because you have no idea what device the adapter goes to.

19. Broken electronics

(that no longer work and will never work again because you don’t have time or inclination to fix it. Besides you probably replaced it already.)


While a lot of you have tossed your broken electronics and already replaced with a new one, I suppose the only reason you kept the broken one is in case your new one breaks down? Just a guess.

20. Gadgets you can’t name

(because you don’t know what it is, what it is for, or what it does)


I have no idea what that is, nor do you probably. But there are many of these kinds of gadgets found in kitchen drawers and, when I ask what it’s for, the answer is always the same – “I dunno.”

21. Spare parts

(that you no longer know what it’s a spare part for)


I come across these all the time working with people and it’s always the same story – it goes with something. Good luck on ever finding that something it goes with.

22. Old keys

(that once opened something but you no longer know what it opens)

old keys

I’m sure that among all those keys you’ve kept around, that some of them could be used to break into your old house you used to live in ten years ago. But since you probably don’t carry those evil intentions around, the only thing you are opening is the drawer they are kept in.

23. Old user manuals

(of items you no longer have)


If you have this, or anything like it, bless your heart for keeping it. But there’s a time to say good-bye to stuff, and this may be the time.

24. Old batteries

(that won’t charge anything)


I should have said “expired batteries” because they do expire and rendered useless after time. Apparently, batteries generate energy and uses a chemical reaction contained inside the battery cell, whether it is being used or not (according to LifeScience). So if you want to charge up one of your devices, these old batteries won’t help you.

25. Mis-matched dish-ware and glasses

(which makes kitchen cabinets an eye sore and entertaining un-stylish)


Okay, even if you don’t entertain guests for dinner, get rid of them. They are now just loners in a world of plenty.

26. Used-up pots and pans

(where the only surface left is scratched)


There’s a fact I’d like to bring up here, is that scratched Teflon pots and pans are dangerous. The Teflon breaks up and seeps into your food, and that can’t be a good thing. I’m sure Martha Stewart agrees.

27. Plastic containers without lids

(rendering the container completely useless thereafter)


You’ll be pleased to know there are no lurking dangers of containers without lids (or lids without containers). Although they won’t harm you in any way, they will eventually do a hostile take-over of your cabinet space. So, you’ve been warned.

28. Leftover pet paraphernalia

(for pets you no longer have)


I didn’t want to include this subject point, but there have been a lot of people I’ve worked with that still have dog leashes and dog toys for dogs long gone and don’t have intentions of getting another dog. Same for fish stuff – fish long gone yet tons of aquarium stuff stored away. Either get a new pet or start playing with the toys yourself to make use of them.

29. Old water kept stored in plastic bottles

(for your emergency prep kit, however dangerous when stored in heated sources)


Bottled water is considered a “shelf stable” product, so it does have a shelf life, although the FDA has not determined what that shelf life is for it. At room temperatures, it can last a long time, but in heated temperatures, not so long and not so good since unknown chemicals seep in from the plastic. The unknown health risks of drinking warm water tells me to advise you to use precaution.

The only thing they would be a good use for is for though is if you need an emergency bath.

30. Old paint

(stored in case you might ever need to do touch-ups – however these will never match the color again)


Paint cans are not labeled with expiration dates, but someday they won’t do you any good. According to HomeGuides, “Painting a room with bad latex paint can cause it to have an offensive odor that becomes progressively stronger. Bad latex paint also can leave a visibly rough finish on the painted surface and may quickly begin to peel.”

So, unless you want to mask your own odor with offensive paint odor, go buy new paint for touch-ups.




45 Ways Pets & Kids Give New Meaning To Home Organization

When I first started The Organizing Lady Facebook page I thought it would be fun to post humorous things I found relating to organization. By far, animals led the way for having other uses for our organizing solutions (mostly cats), but the kids did come in second.

It is because animals and kids seem to enjoy pitching in when it comes to home organizing, it seems that they should be given some credit.

So, with the new meaning our kids and pets have given to organization and our organizing solutions, it was also appropriate to name them.

(Lots of pictures loading, so be patient!) …

Animal Organizers

1. Cat Organization Shelf

I must say, I was impressed with this cat organization method, which would be needed when you have too many cats. How you get them all to take a nap at the same time still has me awe-struck.


2. Cat-tiered Shelves

Instead of organizing your stuff, organize your cats on this tiered metal shelf rack. Each rack comes supplied with shelves that barely fit a cat lying down, but it could be a way to force cat naps.


3. Cat Accordion File

Accordion files have many uses. This file organizer comes with a deep pocket for the cat to nap in, which is way cool.


4. The Cat Bucket

A useful cat organizer, or great holiday gift for cats. All it takes is a cheap bucket pail that is almost deep enough to fit a cat in sitting position. It’s a perfect fit if they should decide to squish up their bodies to lay down in it. So put this on you “bucket list!”


5. The Pet Basket

Once used to hold our laundry, this basket now features a new use for your cat (or dog).


To be smart about its placement, the desk cabinet is a perfect choice for keeping your pet off your desk.


6. Dog & Cat Nap Desk

But then again, you can’t always keep them off a desk … because when your pet has to sleep, there is no stopping it.





7. Cat File Box

Now this handy file box works wonders when you want to store your cat. It comes with enough room to combine your files and your cat, even though it’s a bit squishy for the cat.


8. The Puppy File

File away your puppy so you can find them easily in any file cabinet drawer. Just like your papers, you can always find them easily when you want to retrieve your pet.


9. Kitten Hangout Folder

Over-stuffed hanging files don’t always crowd a file cabinet with cuteness but this folder definitely comes with a load of cuteness.


10. Cat File Drawer

This type of cat cabinet drawers are the most popular of all for cats. If you have a drawer, no matter what type of drawer it is, a cat will occupy it.




11. Cat Drawer

Again, if there’s a drawer, a cat will be in it, like these dresser drawers just made for cats. With all the uses drawers have to organize our stuff, cats have found the best use of them.







(see hundreds and hundreds more photos of cats in drawers on the Internet).

12. The Dog Drawer

You won’t find this too often, but drawers are even good for small dogs. This dog drawer comes lined with a soft towel to add comfort for the dog, even though a dog bed would probably be a lot more comfy.


13. The Cat Filer

Cats like this want to know what their “kitty treats” are filed under. So when you store your kitty treats, be sure to incorporate them into your filing system because that’s where they’ll be looking when your file drawer is opened.


14. Cat Rod

There are some cats who will find this type of rod (or rack) useful to just hang out. Most cats are good at chilling out so this rod, placed very strategically, will find your cat on it.


15. Small Cat Appliance

Although microwave ovens are usually good for heating your food up in a hurry, don’t be surprised when your cat has found another use for it.


16. The Cat Hanger

Plastic or wire hangers don’t matter to a cat. And although I usually advise, “No more wire hangers!” (from the movie Mommy Dearest), after seeing these uses for them, I say keep ’em.



17. The Cat Shoe

Keeping shoes organized in a closet is good, but you should always leave a shoe out in the room somewhere so your cat will find its new resting place. This cat shoe is designed to almost fit any cat.


19. Dog & Cat Desktop Tray

Just like mail desktop tray baskets, these trays are put to another use for your pet, allowing your pet to just hangout and watch while you work and slave away.



20. Dog Desk Chair

This work area is organized with a chair that is equipped for doggie nap-time. It doesn’t come with wheels, like for the ease an adult would need, since we don’t want our pet sliding away from its nap position.


21. Dog Nap Table

It can be a dining table (like this one above) or any table surface – the Nap Dog Table is very useful to your pet (whether dog or cat) whenever they feel the urge to sleep.


22. Cat Cubby Cabinet

This elaborate cat cabinet is custom made for the curious cat (and, as we know, ALL cats are curious!). However if you have any of your stuff organized inside, it will probably be put to different use by your cat.


23. Dog Interior Decorators

If you’re thinking of redecorating, call these guys. They can take any room and make it a mess in no time.


24. Dog Toy Downsizing

Don’t mess with an organized dog’s stuff. Period.


25. Dog Fridge Shelf

If you’re tired of your dog getting into your fridge and emptying your shelves, just make a shelf for it. It’s a nice place for those really hot Summer days.


26. Dog Dishwasher

Who needs to use up their water (especially if you live in California and have the drought to contend with) when you can just use your dog to clean up all the dishes. You’ll need to stack all the dishes neatly inside the dishwasher, but then all you do is call your dog in to finish the clean up.


27. Cat Keyboard

When your cat wants to take its nap on your computer keyboard, it has now become theirs. Forget about using it until they awake because any keys you try to push will only piss off your resting cat.


28. Computer Mouse-Chinchilla

This isn’t your typical computer mouse – it’s a computer chinchilla. And you don’t use it the same way you use a regular mouse – it is designed to scroll directly on your computer screen instead.


29. Cat Dryer Rack

This nifty rack will dry out any cat in hours. Just set it up in your laundry room (or wherever) and let the cat dry itself.


30. The Bobcat Paper System

The news headline read “Bobcat gets into office and destroys filing system”. My question was, did those papers on the cabinet look like there was a filing system in the first place? To get your own Bobcat Paper Filing System, you need to consult with your nearest Park Ranger.


31. The Critter Lid Organizer

This critter will try its best to re-organize your container lids, bless its heart. It’s a bit sloppy in the process, but eventually you’ll have all your containers in clear view (even if they are all over the floor).


32. Cat Jar

Not only can you store food in used food jars, but apparently cats too.


33. Cat Container

Just like a Cat Drawer, cats will fit into them. And these handy containers come in all shapes and sizes – so it doesn’t matter what shape or size it is to please your cat either.



34. The Cat Button Organizer

Organizing all your buttons in nice boxed containers within a drawer is perfect for the button cat who will nap soundly over them.


35. Dog Mover

When it comes to moving, these self-movers figured out a way to take their dog with them. The Dog Mover comes with open air ventilation and great views.


36. Kitty Super Organizer

The main super-power this cat has, like all of them, is that he can move things with the slight of one paw.


37. Cat & Dog Blinds

Okay, this really doesn’t have anything to do with organization but … they are useful for pets who just want to hang out near the window.



38. Dog Bucket

This could be a helmet, but any dog that can fit into it doesn’t care what it is or what it’s for other than it must be for them.


Next up … when kids want to help you get re-organized, you’ve got …

The Kid Organizers

Now we’ll see how kids fit into the scheme of home organization …

kid organizers

39. Kid Pantry

The food pantry is the perfect place if you keep food low enough for kids to help with pantry re-organization.


40. Kid Cabinet

There’s nothing better than a pots and pans cabinet without a kid-proof door opener. Therefore, if you want all your pots and pans re-organized on a daily (or hourly) basis, this is the way to do it.


41. Kid Toy Buckets

I think this might be one of those “find a child in this picture” photos. But when you do, you’ll realize that this is one kid that didn’t want to donate his toys so he must have decided to tow away with them.


42. Kid Pillows

Sofas with detached back and seat pillows are great for kids because they can occupy themselves for hours by removing them from the sofa.


And then there’s always making snow out of those pillows …



43. Kid Toiletries

Kids are like cats – they like toilet paper. After all, they create an endless stream of decorating fun.


44. Kid Kubby

This could be a useful place to store your kid while you’re busy cooking in the kitchen.


45. Kid Chefs

An organized kitchen is a good thing, but when you have kids who want to be chefs, you may need a full-time professional organizer around.

kid- chefs


And lastly, in the news …

The Gnomes Organized Protest

Neither an animal or a kid, it still goes without saying that Gnomes don’t like junk … especially the Got-Junk Trucks. Pictured here is the invasion of Gnomes taking over Got-Junk trucks in protest of being considered as junk”


Check out my Pinterest Animal Funnies Board for more animal funnies.

No animals were harmed in the posting of these photos – although I don’t know where any of them came from except through Pinterest and Google Images. If I’ve used anyone’s picture without credit, please let me know!




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