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When it comes to re-purposing old stuff, there endless ideas to reinvent an item and give it a new purpose. Call it up-cycling or recycling, it’s all the same – we’re taking something old and giving it a new purpose in our life.

In compiling some of my favorite re-purposed items (like I had done in my past article “25 Creative Ways To Turn Old Junk Into New Junk“), it was difficult to stop because there are so many creative ways in which something can be transformed. So my focus in this article is to take really old stuff (yes, even stuff that’s junk) and turn it into a new treasure. Even then, it was hard to stop at just twenty-five, oh my!

1. Old Books

Old books can become really cool vintage bookmarks



Old books can be turned as a storage box for old love letters, jewelry, you name it.



Old books can be made into a bird feeder (and turn your outdoor birds into book worms!)



Old books can be used as wall shelves that display your cool nic-knacks ( or more old books).



2. Old Upright Bass

An old upright base (or guitar) instrument can be gutted out into hip bookshelf display.



3. Old LP Records

Old LP records can be warped into a wall magazine holder



4. Old File Cabinet

An old file cabinet can be used as a garage utility storage



5. Old File Cabinet Drawers

Turn old wood file drawers into a coffee table that has storage



Spiff up an old wood file drawer into a dog feeding station


(via etsy)

6. Old Window Shutters

Old window shutters can be converted into a table



7. Old Chairs

Display part of your old chairs as a wall bathroom wall rack


(via etsy)


Turn an old chair into a comfy dog bed



8. Old Table

Old coffee table treasures can be turned into a wall shelf



9. Old Ladder

An old ladder can be used as a decorative piece to frame your framed photos



10. Old Rake

An old rake can easily be converted into a kitchen utility holder



Old rakes can also be used as a wine glass holder


11. Old Drawers

Old drawers can serve a new purpose as a wall memo board



Old drawers can also be used as a wall shelf for books or things


( via HomeTalk)

You can also turn an old drawer into a bookshelf



12. Old Pillowcase

An old pillowcase can be utilized as a laundry hamper



13. Old Ironing Board

Take an old ironing board and make it into a thread spool holder for the craft room



14. Old Dishes

Stack up some of your old dishes into a jewelry or makeup holder


(via HomeTalk)

15. Old Kitchen Graters

Old kitchen graters have been found to have another use – as ceiling light



16. Old Cutting Board

An old cutting board is transformed into wall art which also functions to hold kitchen items



17. Old Luggage

An old luggage case could be turned into a bathroom mirror cabinet


( via

18. Old Spring Frame

Old baby crib spring frame is turned into a ceiling hanger



19. Old Jeans

Stuff old jeans with dirt and use as a planter



20. Old Tires

Take old tires and paint them with color as new garden planters



21. Old Tire Rim

Use an old tire rim as a garden hose holder



22. Old Car Side-View Mirror

An old car side-view mirror can serve another purpose as a wall display shelf


(via etsy)

23. Old Game Boards

Old game boards can be turned into wall shelves



24. Old Crates

Old crates could be used as an outdoor bar



25. Old Globe Stand

An old globe frame can make a great paper towel holder



As I said, it was difficult to stop looking at all the vast creative ways people have transformed old stuff into useful, functional new treasures. So, if you’ve been storing inherited heirlooms in your garage (or storage place) or having trouble letting go of certain things you no longer have a use for, try giving them a new purpose in life that will give it new value to you.






24 Responses to 25 Absurd Ways To Put Old Stuff To Creative Use As New Treasures

  • Patricia Bjeijeh says:

    Thank you. But some of your pictures were very difficult to see. Because it exceeded my frame of my phone. For instance I could not see your results of the iron board. Not at all.

    • AMS says:

      Just rotate your phone sideways. If your phone’s settings are set correctly, the photo will rotate and you’ll be able to see the full photo.

    • Jason miller says:

      I had the same issue, but I tapped on the picture twice, and it went to that picture only and it sized it to the size I could see on my phone. Then there was an arrow at top of screen to go back to list

  • Elinor Vear says:

    Hi I love your ideas but just wondering for your out door things like the metal tire rim what kind of paint do you use for something like that? I would think regular acrylic paint would start to peel maybe or do you varnish it with something.

    Thanks for any advice you can give me.:-)

    • AMS says:

      I would begin with a coat of white “Rustoleum” spray paint after removing any rust, grime, etc. Then acrylic paints would be fine, followed by 1-2 coats of clear polyacrylic or polyurethane for protection.

        • The Organizing Lady says:

          These photo idea samples were taken from various sources on the Internet (see Image Source at bottom of photo). I don’t necessarily know how some of these were put together.

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  • Susan says:

    I want the ironing board thread holder and drawer shelves if I am ever blessed with an actual sewing/craft room instead of a wall off the kitchen. So cool!

  • I think my dad-in-law has a few of those old tire rims lying around outside of his shop. I’m going to see if he will let me make it all pretty to use as a water hose hanger. Right now, ours is lying out on the ground.

  • Barbara says:

    Any ideas for empty tubes from adding machine paper or receipt printers? Our office generates a lot. I recycle fervently but hope there’s a use for them.

  • Terry C. says:

    I have a vice 30inches tall. Made of timber as big as railway ties. Antic family heir loom. Suggestions to repurpose? Would enjoy using it in the house.
    Thank you.

  • Lourinda Chaddick says:

    Love all these ideas and will try a few. Love to repurpose things. They have character that you cant buy at a store.

  • Maegan Alarcon says:

    How do you do the pillow on the door idea? What is the rim thingy around the outside that is used to hang it?
    How do I make that happen? Number fifteen, do you have directions for this one?
    Thank you!!

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