In this segment of the Organizing Stuff Series The Organizing Lady consults with a teenage girl about getting her room staged to help prepare her family’s home ready for sale.

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Cyndi consults her about clearing the room of as many personal items as possible and reducing furniture in the space. She also suggests clearing the walls of all her pictures and posters and leaving only one picture displayed.

The plan is to clear the clutter, display fewer items on surface spaces, remove some excess furniture pieces, and remove the unused dresser in her closet to make it more spacious.

Oh, and of course, to ensure the bed is made before the house is shown to potential home buyers!

She was eager to get started and began with clearing her over-crowded bookshelf unit, then her desk. The room took shape and soon looked more like a showroom than a teenage girl’s room.

In the end, she was very proud of her space. Maybe she will make her room staged all the time when she moves into their new home! You never know!