My recent article on time – Finding Time To Organize Your Home – was sort of my lighthearted attempt to guide you in finding time to get things done. So now I want to follow that with the plan of making time.

I’ll start with using the comparison to making a meal – we plan what we’re going to eat that night, we make sure to have all the ingredients we need for the meal or recipe we’re preparing, then we proceed to actually make the meal.

The preparations into making the meal help us in expediting how fast we can get this meal done. So therefore, let’s apply that with making time.

As a note, although I’ve thought about this in the past as brushing thoughts, this is the first time I’ve sat down to examine the idea of making time, so please bear with me. I’m actually creating my this concept as we go along.

Now, for the sake of this topic, I’d like to examine routines and how we can shorten them to make time.

In the morning we get up and get ready for work, school, or whatever. We pick out the clothes we want to wear, we eat breakfast, we probably take our vitamins, and so on.

If we were to save just a few minutes of time doing something, we’d actually be making time for something else, especially time for ourselves. See how that works?

Let’s take our morning routine and see how we can shorten it a bit …

Instead of picking out clothes to wear in the morning, why not try picking out your clothes the night before? That could save an average of 5 minutes in the morning for a lot of us.

And breakfast – try a few recipes that you can make ahead, like omelette muffins, which is a favorite of mine. You may have seen these type of muffins at Starbucks where they have egg bites. I like to mix some of my favorite omelette ingredients into muffin pans and pour beaten eggs into them. I store them in the fridge and pop them in the oven for a few minutes in the morning. Check out my recipe for Keto Egg Muffin Cups: http://yummyketorecipes.com/keto-egg-muffin-cups/

Yes, I do cooking videos, too.

Okay, anyway … so then there’s taking vitamins. I presort my vitamins into daily pill organizers (marking the day of the week). This way I just dump the day’s vitamins into my mouth and that’s it. I think I save another 5 minutes doing this.

So now I’ve now saved several minutes doing some preparations ahead of time. This means I’ve now MADE TIME for something else. And that brings me to the subject of this article which is making time for yourself. Whatever way you choose to use it, it’s for yourself. See?

Shortening our routines is just one way to make more time for ourselves. The processes in which we do things, like work, is yet another way.

Clearing off your desk when you’re done working at it is an example of streamlining our work process because, when we start work the next day, we have a clear desk to work on.

I could get into a number of ways you can shorten the tasks you do, but I’m hoping you get the idea by now and can find creative ways to make time.

I hope this gives you a start in doing that. I’d love if you shared what you’ve done in the comments.