You get up, eat some breakfast, shower, get dressed (maybe) and head to your home office to start your work day (in no particular order). If you are not loving your home office space, you may not be loving your work so much, or at least not loving to do work in your space.

Making your home office into a stylish place, possibly even the most stylish room in your home, just takes a bit of re-thinking your home office environment.

So here’s some ideas to give your home office a picker-upper and make it the office you LOVE working and being in. And, most of all, an office that inspires work and creativity.

Open space doesn’t have to mean same space for home office

A stylish room divider that compliments the room while dividing the home office space is a good alternative to an open space design.


Found on Hometone.com

Turn home office wall space into art

Adding a bit of distinction on one wall with creative paint work or wallpaper can bring character and style to your office area.

office wall paint

Found on Nousdecor.com

home office-desk

Found on homedit.com

Match your home office style with a wall art design

Get creative here and check out some specialty stores that carry wall art, or make your own!


Found on Carlaaston


Found on brit.co

Add functionality to your home office wall space

A chalkboard wall will let your creativity explode in your home office, and it can be a lot of fun marking up the wall.

office chalkboard wall

Found on Upcycledtreasures.com

A paper roll for the wall also works for note-taking …


Found on design-milk

A framed clipboard center can organize those special papers in style without looking like clutter.


Found on liagriffith

Keep your family, friends and favorite places in view with a photo collection

Photos around the office remind you of your loved ones and/or memorable places, making work so much more pleasant.


Found on inspiredsnaps.com


Found on cosmopolitan.co.uk


Found on dopedecor.com

Light up your home office space with special lighting

Office lighting is important and giving some style to your lighting solution is even better.

home office-lighting

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home office-lighting

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Create some nostalgia in the home office

What kind of article would this be if I didn’t include my own home office?! Obviously, I’m also into filmmaking and use decor that inspires me 🙂

hollywhollywood styled home officeood styled home office

Source: Organizing Lady

Spice up home office bookshelves

Again, this is my home office area with a couple bookshelves that do not bore me. And I keep supplies and materials hidden in decorative storage luggage and book drawers.

home office bookshelves

Source: The Organizing Lady

And for a brighter look, white bookshelves with colored accessories add flavor to the space.

home office-materials-shelf

Found on simplified-bee


Found on designrulz.com


Found on Stylecaster

And, just for those special home office books …


Found on Brit.co

Bring style to your desk with styled desk accessories

Forget boring desk accessories and go with all the cool desk accessory styles now available to us.


Found on simplyjessicamarie.com


Found on modishandmain.com


Found on thelegalcareergirl.com


Found on Hative


Found on Brit.co

Maximize your desk area using the wall for office accessories

I came across this DIY accessory holder with a lot of character and had to share!


Found on Hative

Show office file folders that have some style

Like desk accessories, file folders don’t have to be boring when they are in view in your home office space.


Found on runtoradiance.com

Stylize your home office filing system

If you can’t hide your filing cabinet, there are other solutions …


by Martha Stewart

Paint your filing cabinet with chalkboard paint to write your own notes on.


Found on designimprovised.com

Use office furniture that enhances the home office space

This is where style meets your personality or personal taste. Shop around to find the perfect fit!


Found on TheNester.com

home office

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home office

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Bring inspiration into the home office

If you’re like me who likes to keep things that inspire me in view, these inspiration boards are perfect ideas for the home office.


Found on artek.com


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Found on Still-Inspiration-blogspot

A cool office chair adds character and style to your home office space

To complete the look in your office, don’t forget the office chair!


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Florals and plants will emphasize the home in home office

And lastly, let’s not forget to bring some life into your home office with florals and/or plants …

office florals

Found on mattieologie.com


Found on stylelogistics

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