Tired of your clutter? Don’t feel like throwing it away?

Now you don’t have to let your clutter sit around as an eye-sore and without purpose. You can take some of those things and use them to do a bit of decorating. And although you still have to deal with the clutter in order to do this, you just display them and still end up admiring it.

In other words, organize your clutter so it looks cool.

Artistic Clutter

The Photo Collection

Take all those framed photos all over the wall and make them into a more attractive display.


Photo Wallpaper

Got a lot of photos all over the place? Tack ’em up on the wall as decorative wallpaper and enjoy the view more.


Paint Brush Decor

If you’re a painter and have a lot of used-up paint brushes that you haven’t tossed, why not display them?


The Book Stack

For books that tend to pile up all around the room, just stack them up into art. Why not?


Bookshelf Clutter Color

Having lots of books that clutter up a bookshelf isn’t cool until you show them off with some style.


(image by Katey Nicosia)

The Pez Collectible Display


(image by Katey Nicosia)

Kid Artwork Wall

If all those art drawings and paintings are tucked away somewhere creating clutter, you can take them out and show them off.

kid-drawing-art wall



Greeting Card Art

Saving all those keepsake greeting cards is just stored clutter until you display them.



Magazine Art

If you subscribed to too many magazines and don’t want to toss them just yet because there is probably something inside them you want, you can cut out pages and display them.



You can also save those special magazine covers with a magazine cover display.