cyndi seidler

I love all the words associated with the word “structure” – like system, method, composition, arrangement, format, order, organization. These are related words that each have their own meaning, yet similar to their concept.

Blueprint is another word relating to structure. In looking at the blueprints of a home, we see its structure, its framework of the building as a whole.

Same thing can be applied with understanding structure for our own life. We incorporate work, family, friends, personal dynamics and activities within the “building” of our life. We assimilate our groups, hobbies, interests, and goals into this building. And we also integrate animals, plants and spiritual importances within the foundation of our building.

To be really good at balancing and harmonizing all those things within our building, we need a good infrastructure. When we fail to have that, the structure begins to collapse in some way or another.

So, like designing a building, we want to know what we want in it, what we want it to look like, what we wish it to be like, and figure out what aspects of it are most important to being the driving force and motivations of our structure.

All right, now we get into the layout or groundwork of your building’s interior – designing how big you want each of the areas to be. Do you want more space for family? Do you want to expand or cut down the space for your career? Do you want a big or small area for personal interests? And so forth.

Once all those sizable components are broken down into things of most importance, then you can fill the areas (or rooms) with the pieces that go into them. Done well, each room should have enough space for what you want in it.

If you haven’t been able to follow me thus far, then let me explain it another way. In your life you have family. If you work all the time, like that of a workaholic, then the structure in your life is off balance and you would need to do something to give space for family and other important matters in your life.

If you neglect space for your friends and you want that space, then you need to make a space for them a bit bigger than it’s been.

If you are not allocating space for personal interests, then you need to build a room for that space so you can do those other things that enhance your life.

For instance, if you like to go hiking or go to the movies then you need to make space for that too. I make sure I go to the movies once a week, and get together with friends every as well (with the exception during the Covid-19 virus quarantine).

If you want to become an artist, then create a space to do that. If you have to adjust your space by lessening another space to fit in a space for something else, then you can renovate your structure for that.

It’s not up to me or anyone else to tell you how much space you need for building the structure of your life. Only you can determine the necessity and importance of those things for it to be the catalyst to change it.

By creating a better structure for your life, you will be able to integrate all the things that elevate it to be more balanced and fulfilling.

You’re the architect of your life. Build it the way you want.