The Fun of Facebooking

I just love posting daily updates on The Organizing Lady's Facebook page. It started out with some nice pictures from my Organization Pinterest Boards and quickly moved to daily "Funnies". In my Internet search for "mess" and "disorganization" and "clutter" I found some really funny images. I just had to share these findings on Facebook, of course.
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Home organization

Home Organization Methods

Some years ago I started a "Home Organization Methods" news feed on to share some cool finds and provide...
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For a laugh

A Funny Outtake from DVD

Want a good laugh? Watch this funny outtake from DVD "Get Organized With Cyndi Seidler". It's a scene where Cyndi tries to show Jane a good place to put her mail, except Jane can't hold it together.
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News & Announcements

Self-Improvement Month

September is marked as National Self-Improvement Month! Why do I tell you this? It's because your environment affects you and...
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Home organization Interior decorating

My Pinterest Boards

I once couldn't escape from the lure of Pinterest. It used to keep me up quite late on many nights,...
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