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Home Organization Methods

Some years ago I started a “Home Organization Methods” news feed on Scoop.it to share some cool finds and provide helpful tips. Like my Pinterest boards, I haven’t kept at it because it became so time-consuming. However I’d like to share them with you here.


The cool thing is, after years of organizing people, that I compiled some really helpful organizing solutions which has made it easier for me when I want to show a client some ideas. So, feel free to browse around this one and see if you find anything helpful to you.

My Pinterest Boards

I once couldn’t escape from the lure of Pinterest. It used to keep me up quite late on many nights, and I finally had to go to Pinterest Rehab to keep myself away from it.

Well, although I’ve been away from my Pinterest boards for quite some time now, I did manage to build them up with some truly fabulous items. I often even found myself referring to my own boards for ideas that I wanted to run by clients.

Check them out …

Stylish Home Organization

Creative Interior Designs

Wall Art Designs

Decor Picks

Enchanted Entertaining

Outdoor Living

… and some others that don’t relate with anything here 🙂

Anyway, it’s just something I don’t want to be forgotten, so I’m telling you about it. I only hope you don’t find yourself browsing through my boards into the wee hours of the night like I did!



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