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Going into the home of someone we don't know to provide a service to them is what a professional organizer does. Clients don't come to us, we go to them. And a home is a person's private place, unlike walking into their place of work or business. My profession is unique because essentially I'm in the kind of business that gets into other people's business - like they way they live. I often see what other people never get to see and find out about things they never shared with anyone. Continue reading
Yesterday I found myself doing a bit of re-organizing in my kitchen. Not because it was disorganized, but because I had decided it could be better, and better is always good, right? People sometimes think of us professional organizers as anal in the way we want things organized and maybe they are right. But anal (and one not meant in the biological sense, of course) is a harsh term so we would probably like it (the way we want things organized) to be referred to as a calculated, or somewhat meticulousness behavior. Continue reading
Recently I was reflecting on how I got my start in this business and where I'm at today. I've come a long way in building my professional organizing business, yet today I find myself at ground zero in marketing my services. That is because I have a new company name and a new website and people are not finding me as easily as they used to. See, starting HandyGirl Organizers in 1994 meant going to a lot of networking events, passing out flyers all over town, running ads and pounding the pavement visiting businesses to leave my brochure. Continue reading
In a recent article published in LA Times and Chicago Tribune, it features my advice on cutting clutter out of your life. It is titled, "Lose it: declutter your way to an organized, happier you".

Here is an excerpt of this article:

No matter how it all got there, reducing the stuff of life is not an easy task, but it is a necessary one.

Even if there are no plans to downsize, getting rid of clutter is always a good idea says professional organizer Cyndi Seidler, founder of Handy Girl Organizers and The Organizing Lady, two Los Angeles based firms specializing in dealing with the "stuff." Continue reading