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This is the 2nd in my Organizing Stuff video series.

In this video, you’ll see The Organizing Lady show you tips for organizing the clothes closet, storing seasonal clothing, and best place to place your clothes hamper.

If you haven’t seen the first in this tip series, check it out!


Usually when someone calls me for help with their home or office organization issues it's at the disaster point and beyond. At the point of no-visual return is the time that baffles me the most. Because, when it gets real bad a person has to wonder how anyone in that space survived this long, and if they even realized it's probably been bad for more than a day, or even a week. I came to realize that there is a degree of observation failure and, for this, you may want to look around again as if you've never set foot in your place before. Continue reading
Clutter can be said to be in the eyes of the beholder. Some person's "organized" paper pile mounds might another person's view of clutter. Another person's treasured collection of stuff over-powering a room might be another person's vision of ugly. The question remains - is it clutter or is it some sort of functional disorder? Or maybe even a work of art ... Whatever it is, it's someone's organized clutter. And, as I said, it's all in the eyes of the beholder ... Continue reading
It seemed inevitable that someday I'd have to inform you about some of the pitfalls of getting organized. Even some doctors will eventually reveal how to stay healthy so you don't get sick and have to call on them for help. This type of information puts many types of professionals out of business, but it does become an ethical duty to inform. So, in view of my ethical duty, I wanted to share my observations and findings with you. So here's What Professional Organizers May Not Be Telling You... Continue reading
While I was writing the article on "30 Things You Can Now Toss, And Should Immediately" I found some cool things people had done to re-purpose old stuff (aka junk ), of which I had recommended tossing. Although I still hold to my advice to toss stuff, I felt obligated to also show you some of the clever and creative things people have done with old stuff instead. Continue reading
When I first started The Organizing Lady Facebook page I thought it would be fun to post humorous things I found relating to organization. By far, animals led the way for having other uses for our organizing solutions (mostly cats), but the kids did come in second. It is because animals and kids seem to enjoy pitching in when it comes to home organizing, it seems that they should be given some credit. So, with the new meaning our kids and pets have given to organization and our organizing solutions, it was also appropriate to name them. Continue reading