In this video I walk you around my house to show you some of the organizing solutions I use to keep things organized.

In styling your home, you’ll see how I use a stylish shelf basket to hold my napkins, the space-saver racks in my kitchen cupboard, the various turntables in my pantry and fridge, the wall shelf I use for my doggie stuff, the Ikea rod over my bathroom sink to keep things off the counter, a decorative shower rack I use as a wall shelf, the shelf basket inside my bathroom cabinet, the organizer on my vanity table, and the clothes hangers I use in my closet.

These are just some of the things I use to store “stuff” in that, as I kept saying in the video, is “cool.” (I may have over-used the word “cool” a bit!).

Anyway, hope you enjoy and leave a comment (only if it’s a nice comment! Hahaha!).