Cyndi Seidler on quarantine organizing

I won’t be giving a lecture about clutter being a hindrance in our lives because we already know this. What I do want to say about it is that it wrecks havoc in so many other ways besides being a nuisance to us.

When house clutter becomes “normal”, there’s a crummy downside to that. We no longer see it. It’s like it becomes almost invisible to us as we maneuver around it. If I didn’t know better, I’d say we put an invisible cloaking device over it just so it doesn’t bother us.

The downside of having it exist can be anything from depression, anxiety, apathy, to having brutal circumstances happen.

This morning I watched a short video that hit the nail on the head in regards to making a difference in your life and, as a result, to those around you as well. His first advice was to to get up and make your bed every morning. Make it pristine. Then go on to do the next task and the next and so on.

Pretty soon, as you begin to accomplish more and more tasks around the house, you feel better and better about yourself and your environment.

This started off with a man whose home had gotten out of control and all he watched was bad news about the quarantine. He was depressed and getting nothing done. He seemed apathetic.

But then, he made his bed and almost immediately lifted himself out of his funk. He then went into the kitchen and started clearing out all the junk and washed up.

By the end of the day, he looked happier and, after continuing to do daily tasks that improved his life, he became a better man. What a difference he made in his life by just taking control of his areas and himself.

With that, I leave you with this link to the video from GoalCast that is bound to inspire: