man at coffee shop

From years of keen observation as a professional organizer, I noticed that organized individuals have certain things in common. They all seem to share the same traits that keep their home, business and/or life in order. Of all the traits however, the bottom line trait is that they have a system (or method) in which things are done.

I consider this trait the foundation of being organized. It’s like putting the bottom building blocks in place to create order. And there’s a system for just about anything and everything we do. Here’s some of the things that organized people have a system for.

Organized Traits

  1. They put things away after using it
  2. They have a method in the way they manage paper
  3. They use organizing tools (solutions) for their stuff
  4. They establish certain places (or “homes”) for things to go
  5. They keep like-items together, not scattered around in different places
  6. They manage their tasks and appointments using reminder methods

Each of the above can become a habit, at which time the system takes hold without much thought or effort to it. A good guideline in changing bad habits into good habits is to try a good habit for 7-10 days.

If you fall off the rails on one of those days, start over. There are no “set-backs” in establishing a new habit unless you’ve put yourself on some sort of targeted timeline, so don’t fret over it. Just keep going at it 🙂