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Being An Artist For Your Home Interior

If you’re not happy with an area of your home, whether it’s an accumulation of clutter or just has a worn out feeling, it’s time to put a little pizzazz in your space.

To be an artist in the design of your home spaces, you really don’t need classes to teach you artist techniques. You just need a little incentive, some ideas from designs you like, and a heaping scoop of imagination to make a room transformation.

That’s that “recipe” to be your very own amateur home designer. And, like anyone creating anything, those ingredients will help you shape your environment into any artistic setting you like.

You can have fun with colors, texture, shapes, and placement of items in the room. You can add types of decorative pieces that make you feel good. Essentially, you can be the Michelangelo of your space.

Like a painting or sculpture or anything artistic, you start shaping your vision into something that gives you pleasure in the end. By that I mean, if it’s nice to look at when you’re done, it should give you pleasure.

There may be some things that just have to stay for the time being, even if it doesn’t bring us much joy anymore. But don’t let that stop you from getting creative in the room. For instance, if you have an old sofa that you just afford to replace yet, make (or buy) a cover for it and toss some new throw pillows on it.

Now, the thing that doesn’t belong in our decorated environment is clutter. It isn’t always tossed items in the room that cause a cluttered room. It can be too many collections of things without a displayed containment space for them can be too much for the room.

The “trick” there is grouping your collection in some sort of display shelf or framed shelf.

Too much furniture for a space can also give a cluttered appearance. Actually, too much of anything in an area is most likely, well, too much.

Here’s a good way to get started: Try taking photos of your room before you start and look them over carefully. Make a note of anything you don’t like about the room, and then some plans on what you can do to fix that. By this time, you’ve pretty much began your artistic endeavor by just looking at something and envisioning it being better for you.

Have fun, and leave comment with photos of what you’ve done!

8 Simple Ways To Reclaim Your Messy Space In A Hurry

Let me see, you’ve got some stuff in your living space that is taking away from the aesthetics you once created in it. Maybe it’s the kid’s stuff, maybe it’s the spouses, or maybe it’s your own stuff that never found another home space? What’cha gonna do?

I’ve seen this happen all too often, and it usually begins with walking in the front door and dropping stuff off nearby. The situation continues as it becomes a dropping place for many other things now – like returns to the store, gifts you purchased, bins filled with donation items, and so on.

Pretty soon, that open space is no longer open space – it is now clutter space. In my article”4 Easy Ways To Give Your Cluttered Home A Space Lift” you’ll see my method in clearing clutter, and you may want to start there. Because that’s the first thing that needs to be done – removing stuff that doesn’t belong in the area.

After that, here are ways to reclaim and re-create your space.

1. Place decor on furniture surfaces

Placing a plant or candles on a side table and maybe even a fish bowl or something doesn’t leave a lot of room for dumping other stuff on it and is the best way to avoid clutter build-up.

table decor

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table decor

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dresser decor

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tabletop decor

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2. Create a ready-to-go table setting

Adding a vase or planter on a dining table and some table settings, for instance, will claim that space as a dining area – not a dumping table.

table setting

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3. Decorate your living room furniture

Put decorative throw pillows on sofa and chairs to avoid furniture dumps.

throw pillows

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throw pillows

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4. Re-decorate your bookshelves

After the clutter is taken off the bookshelves, you can now make them a showcase of books, photos, and decor items.

bookshelf decor

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bookshelf decor

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bookshelf decor

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5. Give your home work area a quick makeover

You can add some style to your work area with some new stylized desk accessories, and also bring character and personality to the area with some wall art, new shelving for extra storage space, and maybe even a plant or florals.

home office

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home office

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home office

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6. Reclaim your kitchen counter space

Find space in cabinets for the food, or add wall shelving for it, but get it off your counter (unless it is in some decorative jar or basket. Same goes for the abundance of small appliances sitting there that you don’t use frequently.

kitchen counter design

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kitchen counter space

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kitchen counter

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7. Turn your bedroom into a showroom

Your bedroom can be a sanctuary place. Dress up the dresser and bed tables with some decor and functional storage-type items.

bedroom decor

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bedroom decor

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bedroom decor

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8. Make your own bathroom guest-friendly

Yes, it’s your own bathroom, but make it LOOK like a guest bathroom and keep minimal items in view.

bathroom counter decor

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bathroom decor

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bathroom decor

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bathroom decor

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