Cyndi Seidler mail clutter

Love that line from the title of the movie, “You Got Mail.” I was actually going to title this “You Got Accumulated Mail” but the other one has more pizzazz.

Accumulated mail is a real clutter-beast. It’s a monster of all villains. It haunts us when we look at the piles of it and it attacks us when we find out we missed paying our bills.

I get it, we don’t all have time to deal with everyday mail. However, it will end up dealing with us eventually. There is going to be that day of “reckoning” when we have to sit down and open it.

Mail is one type of beast that you shouldn’t hide from. It’s the thing that we need to conquer so we can get on with the rest of our life. Tackle it head on and without mercy!

Throw away those solicitor’s junk mail lurking among your mail pile. Open up those bills and get them put someplace to pay when you sit down to pay bills. Get everything you need to do something with OUT OF ENVELOPES and placed in an ACTION place (a tray basket or desktop file holder, for instance).

And, for goodness sake, have a PLACE FOR YOUR MAIL other than throwing it on some surface where it doesn’t belong. If you don’t have a place to contain and hold the monster, create some containment place.

The Mail Monster can only defeat us when we ignore it. It cannot harm us when we attack it head on, so it’s a winning battle for us.

Let your battle begin.