I just love posting daily updates on The Organizing Lady’s Facebook page. It started out with some nice pictures from my Organization Pinterest Boards and quickly moved to daily “Funnies”.

In my Internet search for “mess” and “disorganization” and “clutter” I found some really funny images. And, I just had to share these findings on Facebook, of course.

What I’ve found is that people are loving these images and commenting on them every day. The problem is, they are commenting on my personal Facebook account where I’ve shared the post to my network. So my Organizing Lady page doesn’t get much action (especially with less than 100 page Likes so far). Well, everything new has to build its way up in time, I suppose.

If you’re readying this, I hope you’ll visit my Facebook page and “Like” it to follow my daily postings of fun stuff … ORGANIZING LADY FACEBOOK PAGE