cyndi seidler at home

We cannot fail to remember the line from Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like home.” It’s embedded in our memories because home, to most of us, is where our heart is. It’s where we come to be in our element and feel the comforts of what’s domestically familiar.

To me, it’s that plus a lot more. And, if it doesn’t embellish my life, I know I need to work on it to give me that little slice of heaven I want to come home to.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that, while on the end of their dream vacation, they couldn’t wait to get home. Or, after arriving home from a nice vacation say that they are so happy to get back home. Why do you think that is? What does home have that their dream vacation spot didn’t have?

Well, it has everything else that a vacation spot doesn’t have, that’s why. It has what we’ve endowed it to have to make us feel settled. It’s been cultivated to make our surroundings that to which we’re accustomed to.

Beautiful surroundings outside the home are indeed a pleasurable and gratifying experience, but that enrichment should also be waiting for us at home. If it isn’t, we need to make it so.

The surroundings we create at home should be the atmosphere of our Shangri-la, our Nirvana. It should be adorned to make us feel happy and give us joy.

Anything unfavorable in our place of home can be fixed. We just need to put our heart in it because that’s where we want our hearts to be when we’re away from it.

Most things at home that are negative to our well being is redeemable, or fixable. If it’s unsuited to our personality or opposed to our serenity of being, than home becomes a place we’d rather not be, even with all its familiarity.

The elements of home is something that it gives us a vibe and reflects how we feel. A bad or unseemly space in the home is antagonistic. A good or cheerful space in the home is upbeat and happy. So space resonates our mood.

To feel the delight of coming home, or being at home, is so important to our well-being. That’s why it’s imperative that we take measures to make it engaging and exceptional for us.

My home welcomes me every time I come home. It’s captivated my sense of pleasure and gratification with its charm and alluring ambience. I love coming home. No matter where it happens to be located, it’s always “home.”

If you don’t have that feeling, “There’s no place like home,” then just make it so.