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Organize On A Dime

Cyndi Seidler at Dollar Store
Cyndi Seidler at a dollar store (wearing mask during Covid-19)

The HGTV show “Design On A Dime” is still running new episodes (since early 2000) and it’s no wonder why it’s such a popular program – it affordably transforms a room with a $2500 budget.

I want to take the concept of that show and shift it to organizing. The “organize on a dime” proposition is easily done using the same fundamentals and smart shopping, just like the decorating show does.

The main difference with organizing vs. decorating is that we don’t need the budget that decorating requires. We only need some basic organizing “tools” (products) that will help us store stuff more effectively.

Now, in taking the concept of “organize on a dime” I’m actually going to get a bit more realistic and call it “Organize On A Dollar.” That’s because we can get a real bang for our buck at a dollar store. And yes, I’m A Dollar Store Junkie!

Cyndi Seidler at dollar store

You can can also get really creative with some DIY (do-it-yourself) projects by repurposing items – see gallery below.

Essentially, organizing solutions don’t have to be boring. By taking some basic storage unit and devising a composition of it to blend with your home decor makes it look a lot nicer.

If the storage unit you’re using is inside a cabinet or closet, it doesn’t really matter what it looks like, as long as it’s functional and serves its purpose. However the storage you want that’s visible in a room should mingle with the other things in the room.

Cyndi Seidler at dollar store

So, without much ado, let’s browse through some ideas …

Repurposed & Dollar Store Organizing Solutions Gallery

I’m A Dollar Store Junkie

dollar store storage containers

God bless the day the 99 Cents Only stores opened their doors. And yes, following the marvelous success of dollar-priced items, countless other dollar stores sprung up in what seemed like an overnight awakening.

Aside from the killer price on items, it’s been the promised land to professional organizers and others seeking inexpensive organizing solutions and the like. And if it wasn’t classified as an organizing product, it soon became a tool to organize our stuff into.

From this also ascended DIY (do it yourself) videos on using dollar store items and turning them into something uniquely awesome for our storage needs. Heck, even I got into doing those! I made DIY lazy-susan turntables from round cake pans and marbles. I made stacking serving trays for various uses out of plates and candle holders. I had my fun.

Now I see some very creative ideas from people who are, what I consider “Dollar Store Specialists”, making all sorts of cool things from dollar stores for around the house. Quite inspiring.

One can’t have enough of those plastic shoe-box containers either. These are good for, oh so many things. I especially like them as dresser drawer organizers for my undergarments. And I use them in food cabinets as well. The list goes on how I use those!

I group as many like-items together as I can in storage containers from dollar stores. Nothing remains un-grouped in my house!

Don’t get me started on the dollar store specialty stuff because these are a godsend and inspiration to further organize my junk … I mean, stuff. I’ve got those wall hanging framed noteboards, chalkboards, and anything else to goodies on.

I do try not to overdue it. I regulate what I should and shouldn’t buy now. But in the beginning, no holds barred. The thing is, there always seems to be something new and inspiring to do something with!

Now I walk into a dollar store (most regularly, to this day) and discover “a find” for whatever reasons I think it can be used for. It’s not funny. I literally can’t walk into one of these stores and not find a doodad that seems worthwhile (or at least a bargain that can’t be ignored).

Who’s relating with me here? Anyone?

I know, I know, I talk about having less is better. And, in most circumstances this is true. But we’re talking organizing ideas here, so that’s an exception, is it not?

I stand by this so it’s okay, go out and discover your own dollar store organization “finds.”

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