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Thinking About It Tomorrow Doesn’t Make It Happen Then Either

Cyndi Seidler on procrastination

Most of us know that famous phrase from the movie “Gone With The Wind” of Scarlett O’Hara saying, “I’ll think about that tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day.” That about sums up the thought pattern a lot of us adopt when we don’t want to deal with something presently.

We hear the word procrastination so often that I think the word is tuned out of our heads. What I mean is, it becomes something we hear so much of that we don’t even hear it anymore and can’t even absorb the thought of it.

It may seem to help us take our minds off something for now, yet the situation is still going to be there the next day and the day after, as so on. And shifting our attention off of that situation could lead to unsatisfactory circumstances.

Actually, if the situation is dire enough, putting something important off a day or more may lead to something a little more severe than unsatisfactory. It could turn out disastrous.

But, you already knew this.

So why am I bothering to write an article about a topic a lot of us will just skip over and not bother reading about? Well, I don’t know however I felt inclined to put the topic in your face again.

I will say this though, not everything is an emergency that we need to handle right away. Some things are important that do not have dire circumstances attached to it if we don’t do it right now, today.

During times like this when our economy has crashed because of the Corona virus lock-down, I felt that it was important to take all the opportunities we can to improve things in our lives.

If those life improvements are related to health or diet or fitness or spiritual goals or making our home spaces better, now is the time to do it. When I say “now” I mean presently, possibly today.

And when our economy is restarted and we go back to our busy lives, we should still recognize the importance of continuing to take time for ourselves to improve our lives.

There, I’ve said what I’ve come here to say. Thumbs up for reading this!

5 Day Room Makeover Challenge

As we find ourselves staying more at home during the Covid-19 virus quarantine, I wanted to come up with a 5-Day Room Makeover Challenge to help occupy your time at home.

We’ve been so busy and in a hurry that things at home start accumulating and piling up into what becomes clutter. It gets to the point where sometimes we don’t even notice the mess after it’s been around for awhile.

Now that a lot of us are stuck at home due to the Corona virus, you’re also stuck in the mess we created. So this is my challenge for you to take the time to do something about that.

Start with picking out a room that’s frowning at you. Then look around it. Take photos, even a video of it.

Each day for 5 days, tackle those rooms you’re not happy with. Some rooms may take more than a day and some rooms won’t need your attention at all. If you get this challenge done in a day or two, that’s great! Well done!

Post your before pictures as well as your after pictures in the comments below and let’s do this together!

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TIP #1:

Gather up anything that is out of place in a room and put those items away. If you have a lot of things around to gather up, put them in a bin and put away after you’re done gathering.

TIP #2:

Go through any “STUFF” bins that you’ve gathered up from the room you’re organizing and decide if you’re keeping it, if it needs a “home” (because you didn’t have a place for it yet), and categorize the items – clothing, books and magazine, etc. – into other bins or bags.

TIP #3:

Go online and shop for any storage solutions you may need to provide “homes” for items that haven’t had a nice home to live in. If it’s visible storage, make sure it fits in with your decor.

TIP #4:

Donate or toss anything you don’t use, don’t need, don’t like, etc. Try to get rid of all the excess items we tend to keep and streamline your belongings.

TIP #5

Refresh your de-cluttered room with new paint, new throw pillows, new art, whatever will make you happier in that space.

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