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Create A Decorative Tiered Plate Organizer

The Organizing Lady shows how to make a tiered plate organizer to store and display just about any kind of grouped items.

There are not only numerous uses for these plate organizers, but many ways in which to make them. And you can use a variety of plates and plate stems to make them – thin vases, decorative vases, or candle-holders.

Fit your decor and design your own using things you have around the house or things you can purchase at a dollar store. Get creative and try out some combinations!

Watch video on how easy it is to do …

DIY Organizing – Make A Tiered Plate Organizer

Some suggested uses for tiered plate organizers:

  • As a nail polish organizer
  • For guest items in a bathroom
  • To hold desktop accessories

Make Your Own Lazy Susan The Lazy Way

As the first in the new Organizing Lady’s DIY Organizing Series, Cyndi Seidler shows how to make a Lazy Susan turntable to organize items in cabinets, cupboards, fridge, or just about any place where you want to store a group of items.

Furthermore, the only materials you’ll need to make this turntable are 3 items, and you can get at a dollar store. If you were to go to a store to purchase a Lazy Susan, it would cost more than a few dollars however, with this method, you won’t be spending more than $3 dollars.

Watch the video and see how she does it!

DIY Organizing – Make A Lazy Susan

Ideas of things you can store on a Lazy Susan:

  • Food in cabinets
  • Spices
  • Nail polish
  • Hair care products
  • Fragrance bottles


Organizing Stuff Video Series #1

The Organizing Lady Cyndi Seidler presents a few tips in a light-hearted way regarding some of the basics of organizing your stuff. This isn’t for a mature audience. Strong language is used a few times. And no dogs were harmed in the making of this video either.


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