bedroom makeover design

Room Design Makeovers

Interior decorating gives a room a new, fresh look. It is simply decorating your space to fit your personality and style. It can be new furniture, a new wall color, creating a new space plan for the room, and some nice decor accents. A more in-depth makeover might include new flooring, lighting, window treatments, new cabinets, or a new closet system.

Re-designing spaces is focused around beauty and room efficiency, transforming spaces into functional, beautiful areas, a skill of a professional organizer.

Our process is simple:

  • We start with a Makeover Consultation
  • We draw up rough space plans, decorating plans, storage solutions, and customized furniture ideas with an estimated budget.
  • We de-clutter any cluttered spaces using a “clean sweep” method.
    Note: We will also hold a garage sale and/or remove (or haul) items to a charity (or dump).
  • We prepare a final, detailed floor plan with final budget for approval.
  • We prep the room.
  • We paint and lay down flooring (as desired).
  • We construct any customized furniture pieces or walls or room enhancers (as desired).
  • We shop for new furniture pieces (within budget).
  • We install any lighting (as laid out in the approved plans).
  • We finish off the room with the new furniture and final touches (accessorize with art, etc.).

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