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Hassle-free and Stress-free Garage Sales, Moving Sales, Estate Sales

Organize a garage or yard sale, moving sale or estate sale with the help of The Organizing Lady. When your sale is over, she can even arrange for a donation pick-up on remaining items. A professional organizer helps make the task a lot easier!


  • Sorting, deciding what to sell
  • Grouping items into categories
  • Displaying selected items on tables
  • Taking photographs of certain items (for listing)
  • Pricing
  • Marketing – placing online ads and posting in social media
  • Neighborhood signage – post signs around neighborhood

Preparations Fee: $800 fee minimum (10 hours). Fee includes assistant.  $80/hour (exceeding 10 hours).

For “clean-out” areas (like cluttered garages with many storage boxes), expect more preparation time.

Supplies & Materials:

  • We can provide some tables – $5/day for 6′ table (we have 2) and $4/day for 4′ table (we have 2). If more tables are needed than what can be provided by The Organizing Lady, we can arrange for table rental services (at their cost).
  • We can provide 1 clothing rack – at no extra charge
  • We will provide neighborhood sale signage and price stickers at no extra charge

Sale Day:

  • Sale day set-ups, as needed
  • Running the sale
  • Clean up after sale
  • Arrangements for disposal of items not sold (for donation pickup)

On Site Sale Day Services – 25% of sales commission fee or $375/day, whichever is greater.

Additional cost for our assistant labor: $120/day.

Estate Sale Services include garage sale preparation services (as above), as well as full estate clean-out (going through every closet, cabinet, drawer, storage box, etc.).

Stress-free Estate Sales

For an Estate Sale, this should be done by a professional, and the Organizing Lady is experienced in organizing and holding estate sales. Because these type of sales usually involve people coming into the home, it is important to know about security and pricing valuable assets. This may involve getting special asset appraisals (jewelry appraisals, art appraisals, antique appraisals, etc.). Call for estimate. 818-614-9580.

Photo Gallery of an Estate Sale: