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There are a plethora of awesome ways to display all those photos you love, and I've gathered some of the most creative ones I found. I figure that one or more of these might inspire you to show them off as a piece of art for your room's design instead of having them sit inside some album or box. While some of these displays are DIY projects, I wanted to select the ones that would be easiest to put together yourself. Continue reading
Celebrities talk about organization- their own -and what they say is inspiring. But, more than providing inspiration, it's their organizing outlook that provides a philosophy that anyone can adopt. I dug up some celebrity quotes on being organized and eventually had to stop looking around since there seemed to be enough to write a book about. So here is what I came across.. Continue reading
When you have a home organization issue, there are very ingenious ways to fix it. A quick fix, really, you may ask? Just how quick? Well, it depends on how fast you can move. Since there are dozens of ways to get organized using various organizing solutions, the ones I wanted to show you here are the quick fix solutions - especially since you already may have some of these around your house already. Continue reading
Clutter can be said to be in the eyes of the beholder. Some person's "organized" paper pile mounds might another person's view of clutter. Another person's treasured collection of stuff over-powering a room might be another person's vision of ugly. The question remains - is it clutter or is it some sort of functional disorder? Or maybe even a work of art ... Whatever it is, it's someone's organized clutter. And, as I said, it's all in the eyes of the beholder ... Continue reading
When it comes to re-purposing old stuff, there endless ideas to reinvent an item and give it a new purpose. Call it up-cycling or recycling, it's all the same - we're taking something old and giving it a new purpose in our life. In compiling some of my favorite re-purposed items, it was difficult to stop because there are so many creative ways in which something can be transformed. So my focus in this article is to take really old stuff (yes, even stuff that's junk) and turn it into a new treasure. Continue reading
It seemed inevitable that someday I'd have to inform you about some of the pitfalls of getting organized. Even some doctors will eventually reveal how to stay healthy so you don't get sick and have to call on them for help. This type of information puts many types of professionals out of business, but it does become an ethical duty to inform. So, in view of my ethical duty, I wanted to share my observations and findings with you. So here's What Professional Organizers May Not Be Telling You... Continue reading
While I was writing the article on "30 Things You Can Now Toss, And Should Immediately" I found some cool things people had done to re-purpose old stuff (aka junk ), of which I had recommended tossing. Although I still hold to my advice to toss stuff, I felt obligated to also show you some of the clever and creative things people have done with old stuff instead. Continue reading
When I first started The Organizing Lady Facebook page I thought it would be fun to post humorous things I found relating to organization. By far, animals led the way for having other uses for our organizing solutions (mostly cats), but the kids did come in second. It is because animals and kids seem to enjoy pitching in when it comes to home organizing, it seems that they should be given some credit. So, with the new meaning our kids and pets have given to organization and our organizing solutions, it was also appropriate to name them. Continue reading

I get so inspired when I see stylish room designs that double as functional compositions in the space. And better, to see how people style their surroundings to reflect who they are.

Celebrities seem to do that quite well with slick, high class rooms that represent not only their design… Continue reading

Going into the home of someone we don't know to provide a service to them is what a professional organizer does. Clients don't come to us, we go to them. And a home is a person's private place, unlike walking into their place of work or business. My profession is unique because essentially I'm in the kind of business that gets into other people's business - like they way they live. I often see what other people never get to see and find out about things they never shared with anyone. Continue reading
It's that time of year when people want to do a little home clearance and get rid of things that don't matter to them anymore. Garage or yard sales help accomplish this and helps in making some extra cash with their unwanted items. Organizing a garage sale often entails a lot of prep work, especially going through your stuff and sorting out what you want to sell. Here's some tips on how I help a client prepare for their sale Continue reading
Bringing in a professional organizer to help clear the clutter in a home or office is a typical job in this profession. But bringing in a professional organizer who knows interior decorating is a major plus for those who want to change more than their cluttered room.

One of the reasons I like to refer to myself as an Organization Lifestylist is because I do both organizing and decorating to fit a person's lifestyle, as well as help individuals make lifestyle changes.

Continue reading
Yesterday I found myself doing a bit of re-organizing in my kitchen. Not because it was disorganized, but because I had decided it could be better, and better is always good, right? People sometimes think of us professional organizers as anal in the way we want things organized and maybe they are right. But anal (and one not meant in the biological sense, of course) is a harsh term so we would probably like it (the way we want things organized) to be referred to as a calculated, or somewhat meticulousness behavior. Continue reading
Recently I was reflecting on how I got my start in this business and where I'm at today. I've come a long way in building my professional organizing business, yet today I find myself at ground zero in marketing my services. That is because I have a new company name and a new website and people are not finding me as easily as they used to. See, starting HandyGirl Organizers in 1994 meant going to a lot of networking events, passing out flyers all over town, running ads and pounding the pavement visiting businesses to leave my brochure. Continue reading
Get $85 off for organizing services! This is a good opportunity to get started in your organizing project now and achieve your desire to be better organized. This special limited time offer is open for home or business organizing. It includes any / all of our organizing services and is a great way to see how the Organizing Lady works her magic! You could start with an organization consultation that will put you in the right direction in the process of organizing. Continue reading
This is an article I wrote about professional organizers and how they make a difference in people's lives. As a professional organizer since 1994, I've seen incredible results with clients whose lives are transformed after order is established. It's one of those benefits of this profession that make it all worthwhile, no matter how laborious it can sometimes be! Continue reading

When it comes to Spring time, it’s typically signifies a time to do some home maintenance and organization. I like to start with closets, beginning with the clothes closet.

During the year while we’ve accumulated more clothing, closets can become jammed and unmanageable, so start with clearing out the clothing… Continue reading

In a recent article published in LA Times and Chicago Tribune, it features my advice on cutting clutter out of your life. It is titled, "Lose it: declutter your way to an organized, happier you".

Here is an excerpt of this article:

No matter how it all got there, reducing the stuff of life is not an easy task, but it is a necessary one.

Even if there are no plans to downsize, getting rid of clutter is always a good idea says professional organizer Cyndi Seidler, founder of Handy Girl Organizers and The Organizing Lady, two Los Angeles based firms specializing in dealing with the "stuff." Continue reading
I just love posting daily updates on The Organizing Lady's Facebook page. It started out with some nice pictures from my Organization Pinterest Boards and quickly moved to daily "Funnies". In my Internet search for "mess" and "disorganization" and "clutter" I found some really funny images. I just had to share these findings on Facebook, of course. Continue reading




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