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In this segment of the Organizing Stuff Series The Organizing Lady consults with a teenage girl about getting her room staged to help prepare her family’s home ready for sale.

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Cyndi consults her about clearing the room of as many personal items as possible and reducing furniture in… Continue reading

I always get great organizing ideas looking around Pinterest and found some clever makeup organizers I wanted to share with you. I even made some myself to show you some ideas of my own, adding something a little different than other similar solutions.

Basically, when it comes to beauty products,… Continue reading

This is the 2nd in my Organizing Stuff video series.

In this video, you’ll see The Organizing Lady show you tips for organizing the clothes closet, storing seasonal clothing, and best place to place your clothes hamper.

If you haven’t seen the first in this tip series, check it out!


If you've heard of Barbara Hemphill's book "Taming The Paper Tiger" then you know it's about organizing paper. Well here's how to tame the chaos tiger in your cabinets. In this case, I'll be showing my very own kitchen cabinets. I basically use the necessary "tools" in the cabinets that will maximize the space, help keep things organized inside, and be easy to see to find what I'm looking for. Continue reading
There's nothing like feeling and being prepared and all it takes is a bit of planning. Sure, last minute plans can give you a rush (in more ways than one!) but it's just better to know before you go, ya know? So, without further ado, here are some Printable Prepared Checklists to make your life a little easier ... Continue reading
Usually when someone calls me for help with their home or office organization issues it's at the disaster point and beyond. At the point of no-visual return is the time that baffles me the most. Because, when it gets real bad a person has to wonder how anyone in that space survived this long, and if they even realized it's probably been bad for more than a day, or even a week. I came to realize that there is a degree of observation failure and, for this, you may want to look around again as if you've never set foot in your place before. Continue reading
As I entered the lobby of the Hilton Universal City, I had a purpose – to meet the man who has been instrumental in changing the lives of so many people. And not just ordinary people, but people with a desolating and life-altering problem: hoarding. To be fully prepared, I knew my first stop should be the Starbucks stand inside the hotel. I wasn't standing there more than a few seconds when I saw a cheery-looking fellow approach the stand. I instantly recognized him - it was Matt Paxton. And he was the man I was there to talk to. Continue reading
You get up, eat some breakfast, shower, get dressed (maybe) and head to your home office to start your work day (in no particular order). If you are not loving your home office space, you may not be loving your work so much, or at least not loving to do work in your space. Making your home office into a stylish place, possibly even the most stylish room in your home, just takes a bit of re-thinking your home office environment. Continue reading
Let me see, you've got some stuff in your living space that is taking away from the aesthetics you once created in it. Maybe it's the kid's stuff, maybe it's the spouses, or maybe it's your own stuff that never found another home space? What'cha gonna do? I've seen this happen all too often, and it usually begins with walking in the front door and dropping stuff off nearby. The situation continues as it becomes a dropping place for many other things now - like returns to the store, gifts you purchased, bins filled with donation items, and so on. Continue reading
Want to get rid of the stuff you don't want and make yourself a superstar friend at the same time? Then maybe try re-gifting your stuff. Also, when you need a gift, there's also the factor that you may have neglected to go shopping for that birthday gift. Or maybe you'd like to bring something with you for the host at a dinner party. Whatever the occasion, you just need a last minute gift. Continue reading
It goes without saying that roommates need to set ground rules (oops, I said it!). So, let's move on to how they can live in harmony around their shared home spaces. Now, although I can't help you in the personality conflicts area, I can help you create a balanced home environment to achieve harmony. Let's start in the kitchen, the most shared space of all. Continue reading
Get ready 'cuz here you go (my spin-off of the song Great Ready 'Cuz Here It Comes by Rare Earth). Okay, so maybe if I start this off corny the rest of this will sound better. When it comes to travel, you'll want to organize things in your carry on bag or travel case in the most efficient way possible. Not only will this organize everything in nice little cases, but it makes it easier to settle in at your destination. Continue reading




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